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Indian Glass Bangle Gallery

Indian glass bangles, ethnic bracelets from the Build-A-Bangle line.    

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Glass Indian Bangle Picture Gallery
Glass Bangle Gallery
Do we have fantastic customers or what?!  Check out these pictures, submitted by our clients, of Indian bangle, glass of course, worn in all different ways.  Special occasions and casual wear, hot new trends and traditional bangle displays. 

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Bangles & Bindi

Lovley! Photo by Keely Lieppert, sugarCoated Photography

Congratulations Jenny and Vipul!

Bangles and wedding henna to match the wedding ceremony sari. Gorgeous! Picture by Martha Carroll

Reception Bangles

Multiple clothing changes are popular for Indian weddings.

Custom bangles for Jennifer's after cermony bridal sari. Picture by Martha Carroll

Matching a Sari

Mary needed bangles to match this gorgeous sari. She looks fantastic!

Celebrate! It's a wedding!

Notice the fabulous henna on both the bride and the groom? Creating bangle sets for Jenny was great fun! She emailed pictures of her cholis (sari shirts) and I went to town! Picture by Martha Carroll

Custom July 4th Outfit

Cherri got her entire July 4th outfit from us (back when we offered saris). What a spectacular effect!

Renewing vows is powerful!

Congratulations to Amy and her wonderful husband! What fun creating bnagles to match the colors in this suit!

Fashion, Flowers, & Bangles

No wonder weddings are filled with all of them!

Handmade Broken Bangle Pillbox

Just an idea for your broken bangles!

Bangles and Henna


More Bangles & Henna

Broken Bangle Flower Pot

My Grandma made this for me! I keep my henna straining products in here along with some skewers (always handy to have when you are mixing your own henna).

Belly Dance Fun!


More Belly Dance Fun!


Belly Dance Fun...

Custom Bangles for Tara

Custom created to match the khussa she ordered.

A filled bangle stand...

What a lovely sight! A proud customer able to fill her bangle stand the same day it arrived!

Wall Hanging Bangle Stand!

Another customer proudly filling her bangle stand!

Fun Red Hat Society Bangles & Shoes

These khussa shoes and Indian bangles were lovvely for a Red Hat event!

More Red Hat Bangles!

Red and purple...what's not to like!

Express Me Bangles!

I LOVE mixing Express Me bangles into standard bangle sets!

Decorated Bangle Stand

We didn't have a stand that matched her bedroom so she decorated one instead!

Broken Glass Bangle Frame

Super cool, huh? Done by a customer!

Rainbow Frames!

Superb work!

Susan's Stands

They are full now and she's working on getting a 4th!

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