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Indian Glass Bangle FAQ Frequently Asked Questions Glass Indian bangles for all occasions including wedding bangles.Glass Bangle FAQ
Glass bangles are unique and when you are new to them, they can be intimidating.  Don't be!  Get the answers to your questions here!
How do I know my glass bangle size?
Are they really made of glass?  Do they break?
I want to give them as a gift.  What size do I give?
How do I get rid of any excess glitter on my bangles so it doesn't shed on my clothing?
I don't see the color combination I need.  Do you have it?
Do you have glass bangles for children?
How do I order multiple bangle sets for an event?
Do you wholesale Indian glass bangles?

How do I know my bangle size?
Your bangle size has very little to do with your body size or your wrist size.  It's all about the size and flexibility of your hand.  We have a few different ways to find your proper glass bangle size.  See our bangle sizing page here or check out our video.

 How To Find Your Bangle Size

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Are they really made of glass?  Do they break?
Yes, they are really made of glass and, yes, they can and will break.  The vast majority of breakage comes from not following the instructions for putting them on or taking them off.  Every bangle set comes with instructions

You should also wear the proper size for as little breakage as possible.  If your bangles are too big, they will fall down too far on your hand and get in the way.

Wearing larger groups helps prevent breakage as well.  I typically wear around 20 bangles at a time.  You should wear what works best for you, but I suggest a minimum of 8 bangles.  You need multiple bangles to distribute the vibrations that could cause them to break when they bump something.  If you try to wear only one or two, they will most likely be broken by the end of the day.  Besides they look much more stylish in larger groups!

Some breakage is expected, after all, they are glass.  It's not too big a deal as you get these great large sets.  If you break a few bangles, just rearrange your set!  Millions of women wear glass bangles every single day!

I wear bangles every day with very little breakage.  I wear them while working on the computer, shipping, stocking product, and all my other daily duties at the store.  I may break a bangle every month or two.  That's about it. 

When I was new to bangles, I broke them much more often!  I was apparently quite clumsy because I was always smashing them into door jambs and breaking a bangle or two.  After wearing them a couple of times, that stopped!  I started being careful without even realizing it.

Learn How to Put Glass Bangles On Without Breakage

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I want to give them as a gift.  How do I know what size to give?
The 2.10 M/L size is our most popular size.  About 50-55% of my customers are this size.
The 2.6 Small size is about 35-40% of my customers.
The 2.12 XL size is about 10% of my customers.
Unless you'd say the recipient has very petite hands or very large hands, you will be safe with the 2.10 M/L size.  Don't worry if you get the wrong size, they can always exchange them for the proper size.

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How do I get rid of any excess glitter on my bangles?
Glass bangles will typically have a fair amount of loose glitter that will shed.  After wearing them a couple of times the excess glitter sheds away on it's own, leaving just the glitter that is actually attached to the bangle. 

If you want to help this process along, brush the bangles gently on a pair of denim jeans to loosen and remove the excess glitter, or use a soft brush to gently brush away the loose glitter.  

If you want to make sure you've gotten it all, after brushing the excess glitter off, use an aerosol hairspray and spray them down letting them dry completely before putting them on. 
A couple of light coats is better than one heavy coat of spray.  You can also use clear spray paint, but the hairspray does a great job.

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I don't see the color combination I need.  Do you have it?
Don't worry.  Just because you don't see it currently listed on the website doesn't mean we don't have it!  You can either build your own bangle set from our Build-A-Bangle line or we can create a custom bangle set for you.  Be sure to email with notes about what colors you want in your custom set!

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Do you have glass bangles for children?
All of our bangles are really glass and are not appropriate for small children.  They can break and be swallowed or cut the child.  We do not carry metal or plastic Indian bangles except for a small selection in our Orlando store.

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I need multiple bangle sets for an event
How do I order the colors I want?

I love creating bangle sets for large events!  Most often it's for weddings, mehndi parties, or baby showers, and what could be more fun?  The easiest way to order is to order groupings of our 5 Surprise Sets.  It's already deeply discounted.  You only pay for 4 bangle sets, but you get 5 bangle sets. 

If you need 10 sets of bangles you'd order two 5 Surprise Sets, if you need 15 bangle sets you'd order three 5 Surprise Sets, and so on.

Email me with your specific requirements (colors, all the same sets, different sets, etc...).  Feel free to include pictures along with a description of the colors you need, but keep in mind I will not be able to provide an exact match.

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Do you offer wholesale glass bangles?
No, we don't offer wholesale on any of our products. 

If you need fewer than 25 bangle sets or less than 500 individual glass bangles, use the already discounted 5 Surprise Set option from above.

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