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Bangle Of the Month Club

Chart of Bangle Of the Month Subscription Levels
Glossary of Terms

Indian glass bangles, ethnic bracelets from the Build-A-Bangle line.    

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Beachcombers! Bangle Of the Month Club for Indian Glass Bangles

All About Beachcombers Bangle Of the Month Club
The Ultimate Gift for Her
Bangle Of the Month Club, glass bangles sets with an Indian wooden bangle display stand
Want as many bangle sets as you have shoes?
Been there, done that with chocolate and flowers?

The Beachcombers! Bangle of the Month Club offers something truly unique and different for you or as a gift.  Treat yourself or her to a new bangle set every month to
help fill the bangle stand included as part of membership.

Getting a new set of bangles every month is only the beginning of the fun. 
As part of the Bangle Of the Month club:
Give her something to smile about, Beachcombers! Bangle Of the Month Club
  • You can join for 3, 6, or 12 months.
  • Bangle stand included with standard membership.
  • Monthly bangle sets exclusive to members only. 
  • Bonus sets included as part of each program
    (see program descriptions for details).
  • Free bonus henna gift just for joining.
  • Special discounts only available to members.
  • Delivery to your door or recipient's door.
  • Gift card available for no additional charge.
  • Great savings compared to separate purchases.
  • Mix & Match bangles as your collection grows.

Not sure which Bangle Of the Month Club Membership to get?
See this helpful chart to make the choice that is right for you.

Glass Indian bangles for every occasion.
Indian bangles for every outfit and mood.  All glass bangles.
Glass bangles in every color. Mix and match to meet your needs.
Indian bangles, all glass bracelets in unique styles
  Bangle Stand Accent Kit Total # Sets Website Discount Price*
Bangle Of the Month Subscription
3 Month YES YES 4 5% $69.99
6 Month YES YES 8 7% $89.99
12 Month YES YES 15 10% $139.99
Mini-Bangle Of the Month Subscription
3 Month no no 4 5% $29.99
6 Month no no 8 7% $54.99
12 Month no no 15 10% $89.99
**Renewal Subscription without Stand
6 Month no no 7 7% $36.99
12 Month no no 14 10% $69.99
**Renewal Subscription WITH Bangle Stand
12 Month YES no 14 10% $89.99

*Prices subject to change.  Please check website for the most up-to-date prices.  Shipping is only charged once and applies to entire membership duration for Bangle Of the Month shipments.
**Renewal memberships are for current and previous Bangle Of the Month members.

Bangle Of the Month Glossary

Bangle Set
- each Bangle Of the Month bangle set will consist of 17-24 individual glass bangles depending on the style of the bangles.  Every month, BOM bangle sets are custom created just for Bangle Of the Month members.  BOM bangle sets are not offered for sale and are only available to BOM members.

Accent Kit - the Bangle Of the Month accent kit is a selection of bangles designed to be mixed and matched with other bangles sets.  These bangles are typically gold and silver.

Special Website Discount - the Bangle Of the Month member discount can be used at  Yes!  It can be combined with other discounts and specials, unless otherwise noted in the specific special.  The BOM member discount can also be used on sale and clearance items.

24 Hour Shopping & Worldwide Shipping: 

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2.12 Glass Bangle Sets  s  2.12 Newest Bangle Styles  s  2.12 Event & Wedding Bangles 

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