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Glass Bangle Crafts & Ideas

Indian glass bangles, ethnic bracelets from the Build-A-Bangle line.    

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Indian Glass Bangle Crafts & Crafting Ideas Broken glass bangles decorate a tarra cotta pot.Glass Bangle Craft & Art Ideas

Talk about a cool crafting medium!  What better way to get creative than with broken glass bracelets?

Broken glass Indian bangles have been popular for use in crafts for decades in India and Pakistan.  They are just now catching on here in the U.S.

Try some of these ideas to get your imagination going...
  • Decorate furniture, pottery, artwork, frames, jewelry...
  • Make a mobile, wind chime, napkin rings, or curtain rings...
  • Glue bangles together to make a pencil holder
  • Decorate a terra cotta pot, fill with sand, and use it to hold burning incense
  • Fill the bottom of a glass vase with small broken bangle pieces
  • Decorate your Christmas tree! 

With a little imagination you can create some serious bangle art!

Broken glass bangle crafts:  votive or tea light candle holder Tea light or votive candle hlders made with broken glass bangle bracelets.

WOW!  These fantastic tea light or votive holders
were made by Violet in Orlando, FL. 

She was kind enough to make one for me, and I can't tell you how gorgeous they are in person!  The light from the candle signs through the glass and is unlike any candle holder I have ever seen. Stunning!

Buy broken glass bangles
 by the pound here

Broken Indian bangles cover a small metal tin.            Close up of broken glass bangles as a craft.

Send us pictures of your creations and we'll add them to the bangle gallery

Check out the below website for bulk seashells to incorporate into your crafting!  Get all kinds seashells and sea life crafting supplies starting a just $1!

Scarborough Seashells

Below are some pictures from the Scarborough Seashells web site to give you some ideas.  These pictures are copyright Scarborough Seashells.

Nassa Dove seashells for crafts.  Tiny starfish as crafts.  Georgeous Pectens Massacarensis sells for crafts.

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